Who is Tige

Tige is focused on quality not quantity! Twenty years of industry leading innovation and uncompromising boat design, Tige is committed to being the best. The Tige name (pronounced Tye-guh) is based on "Tiger" the childhood nickname of company founder Charlie Pigeon. Dropping the "r" and adding an accent over the "√©" gave the name a European flair that complimented the flowing, euro design of the company's first boat models. Founded in 1991, Tige's headquarters houses the world's most advanced inboard manufacturing facility. They are proud to be a debt-free company not having to answer to investors which allows them to annually re-invest into themselves, instead of pulling profits and building cheaper watercraft like so many public owned companies. 


 Convex VX and TAPS
Building on the Convex V hull technology, Tige's latest patented innovation, is the Convex VX, a fiberglass hull extension device designed to enhance the running surface of your Tige at wakesurf speeds. The Convex VX takes Tige's pro-level wave to insane heights, as it is longer, stronger, and more powerful than any other boat on the water. The extension also creates a smooth, deep pocket making the best wave even better allowing any style surfer to stay in their sweet spot and not to mention, Tige boats sit deeper in the water so they make better wakes!  The ConvexV and TAPS¬≤ (Tige Adjustable Performance System) work together to reduce drag, giving Tige the greatest fuel efficiency of any inboard according to Boattest.com, Convex V hull can save up to 25-30% !


Tige Touch
A simple touch is all it takes for you to control your entire onboard experience. The industry's first touch screen control system, TigeTouch is truly pure genius. Positioned just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle, this easy-to-use touch screen resembles an iPhone or iPad. Designed to be extremely user-friendly, TigeTouch features a home button and options allowing you to call up your personal surf wave, or your perfect wakeboard setting. It's just so simple making your day on the water that much more enjoyable! Don't believe us? Check out this great link.


Design, Details and Construction
Tige builds their boats for offshore water conditions not for man-made ski lakes, with that in mind every inch of a Tige has been carefully thought out. Seats and flooring are built using the "monolithic construction" concept (one piece fiberglass), meaning they are molded as one piece for strength, rigidity and reliability.  Interiors are hand upholstered in-house, using a four-way stretch vinyl and stitched with GORE TENERA thread for durability and threads are stain, UV, and mildew resistant. We find that with Tige, you don't have to choose luxury vs. practicality - they are one!


Ultimate 360 Service Plus Plan

The return on your investment in a Tige should be a lifetime of fun. This translates into the first three years of bow to stern worry-free ownership. This includes your oil & filter changes, transmission fluid changes, and two impellers, the industry's first most comprehensive protection plan. 

Pleasurecraft Marine Engines (PCM)
The engine is the heart of the boat, only PCM can boast the lowest failure rate, the quietest running, and lowest warranty issues all according to JD Powers and Associates. This is why Tige has partnered with the most reliable, award-winning, inboard engine manufacturer, Pleasurecraft Marine Engines (PCM). PCM utilizes two fuel pumps where others have only one, and has a fuel reservoir where others have none. That translates into instant starts, no vapor lock and constant fuel flow in all conditions, including choppy waters and tight turns.

Alpha Z Tower
Tiges unique fully collapsible cast aluminum structure is the most solid, rattle-free tower available. Sculpted and engineered for maximum strength and versatility, the Alpha Z sets a new standard in tower design and functionality. It's easy for one person to collapse right on the lake, and its seamless design looks amazing exclusive to Tige!

Tige is all about safety! They have designed their boats to sit deeper in the water and TAPS (Tige Adjustable Performance System) gives you precise control over the running attitude, and wake shape. TAPS also allows you to run your bow higher during those rocky conditions. 

Surf Wakes
Wake surfing is a sport that's been exploding on the water and if you want to jump on board and surf like a pro Tige is the only way to go! Insane waves on both sides of the water are what to expect from the Convex V hull. While others are fiddling with equipment, you will need no modifications. Surfs Up! 


 Lifetime Plus Warranty
The title says it all "Lifetime Plus Warranty". A company that truly stands behind the quality of their product, Tige will completely replace your boat if structural issues occur; including degradation and they guarantee the wood will not rot and trust us that has happened.  There is no other warranty comparison out there in the inboard industry!